Reading Comprehension & Writing at Home (Using Current Event Articles)

One way to work on reading comprehension skills at home is to read current event articles.  I recommend the free website, Newsela [link], for students to access current event passages that are available in multiple reading levels, ranging from Grade 3 to Grade 12.  Articles come with quizzes and writing prompts.

The following skills can be targeted through Reading Comprehension:
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading between the lines
  • Understanding abstract language (e.g., idioms, expressions, figurative language)

The following skills can be targeted through Writing:
  • Adding content to writing 
  • Using specific rather than vague/redundant terms
  • Writing with coherence and organization
  • Using language in an appropriate and functional manner 
  • Writing process (pre-write, rough draft, revise, edit, publish)

Hope that you will find this resource to be helpful!

Kind regards,
Jasmin Wang, M.A., CCC-SLP

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