The Lunar New Year Surprise

"It's the first day of the Lunar New Year--the biggest, yummiest, NOISIEST celebration of the year!" During the festivities, can Gege find the perfect moment to present his handcrafted surprise to his little sister?

Children will learn what makes the Lunar New Year special, from the preparation responsibilities, to the celebratory new moon signifying the first day of the holiday, and the festivities that continue in the following weeks.

Whether rice balls for family togetherness, spring rolls for a fresh start, or noodles for long life and happiness, this tale has a foodie focus and shows why Lunar New Year is the yummiest celebration of the year, too.

Jade Wang and Tammy Do join together to represent their respective cultures as Lunar New Year, or the Spring Festival, is celebrated around the world and in various Asian countries.

Let's Make Scallion Pancakes!

This English and Mandarin-Chinese bilingual storybook follows a little girl, Jiajia, along with her grandmother and pet dragon in a hands-on bonding activity that is both fun and yummy!

This book is currently in the process of being self-published.

What is unique about Jade's self-published books?

Given Jade's background in speech-language pathology, second language acquisition, and bilingual development, her bilingual books are carefully constructed to focus on core words and high-frequency vocabulary that are relevant, functional, and frequently-used in day-to-day communication.  Jade's stories inspire quality family time between caregiver and child through engaging and hands-on cultural activities, all while promoting language and literacy skills.

Additionally, Jade's bilingual books include access to a digital library of supplemental resources and activities to enrich your child's experience with each story.  It is a mix of education, culture, and play!

Examples of these supplemental learning resources and activities that come with the books include: 

Upcoming Plans

Jade is also working on publishing the written story, Out of Time, which is a tale about a young fox with a relaxed and easy-going personality going through the fast-paced hustle and bustle of daily life.

Stay tuned for more in the future!

To get a sense of what you'll see more of, below is a running list of themes that Jade enjoys incorporating into her stories.